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Circular Column Formwork


Square Circle Australia's Circular Column System is one of our most popular patented products which can be custom made for your project. Our system has been tested in Australia according to the relevant Australian Standards.

The Circular Column forms are manufactured using film faced plywood sheets which have been moulded to a specific diameter. These are then sealed shut using our steel belt at various levels around the column as required. 

Our Circular Column forms come in a wide range of heights and diameters depending on the customers needs. We are able to manufacture in sizes up to 4200mm Diameters in size increments of 50mm. These then can come in a maximum lengths of 3000mm in a single piece which are then stacked to create taller heights as required. 

Since our forms can be reused it comes the ideal system for projects that have multiple  levels, just strip and bring the forms up to the next level. 

Suitable for both a pouring up and down method of construction. Able to accommodate a wide range of setting up methods to suit the preference of the customer. The quick assembly method, multiple uses and high level of flexibility of our circular column forms has seen our customers save time and money across in many areas of their projects!

Save Time and Money!

  • Save waste by reusing our forms!

  • Get your columns poured and your floors up faster by saving time forming your columns! Two men can place and a standard form a column in 15 minutes! 

  • Large diameter columns will have huge cost advantages compared to tube options as our large forms don't require foam or extra support.

  • Class 2 Concrete Finish 

  • Can be reused on more columns! Continue using the panels for more pours! Approximately 8-10 pours on average.(Depends on care taken while stripping, pouring, storing and handling) 

  • Can be cut and altered for beams and different heights as required!  

  • Can be stacked in a staggered design to reach great heights and diameters!

  • Please click to view our 

Product Handling

  • To maintain the product care must be taken with handling, stripping and storage.

  • Store the product in a dry indoor space avoiding excessive sunlight and heat when not in use.

  • Do not allow the product to be stored in wet conditions as this may effect the products properties.

  • Take care when handling and moving the product to avoid damaging the products surface.

  • Clean the product and accessories between pours to increase the durability and quality of the results from the product.


Example Uses On Projects

Standard Columns

Shown below are standard sized forms being used in typical ways within Australia. They are easily cut on site and stacked as the heights change and as required. 

Large Diameter Columns

Examples shown are 1600mm Dia columns which were cut into smaller length pieces and stacked on site by hand. Feedback on site reports 1 worker able to strip, move to upper levels and assemble 1 full size column within 2-3 man hours. 

Encasing Steel Members & Existing Columns

Shown below are examples of encasing existing columns on job sites to enlarge them. Our forms can easily be modified for inserting pumps for concrete.

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